Gold at the end of the rainbow

If you were lucky enough to find gold at the end of the rainbow, what would you do with it? It’s a question we should all be able to answer. Why? Because it’s gold most of us are working for every day (after all, money and gold are both currencies that can be exchanged for goods and services). So what are we working for? Are you working for the gold or the enjoyment? 

For most of us, it’s the gold. But what are we going to do with it? For most of us, we’ll spend it on things that bring us happiness and joy. We’ll keep working for gold until we have enough of it to do things we want to do.

Wouldn’t it be wiser if we were to work for fun and enjoyment as opposed to gold? Then we wouldn’t have to wait until we’ve got enough gold to do those things, we’d be doing them day in and day out. Doesn’t that sound more sensible?

It’s a conundrum I’ve been weighing up for years now, as I put myself in the category of working for gold. Every change starts with awareness that a change needs to be made. Start small, and keep putting in the work until one day, you can start working for fun, and the gold is just a bonus. The key is to not let that ‘one day’ drift too much.

Define what success means to you (maybe it’s the gold) and spend your life going after that. 

This photo was taken near the peak of Beinn Mheadhoin (1182m) in the Cairngorm range. The photo was taken using a GoPro Hero 8.

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