Reflections are great, we look in the mirror and we see what others see when they’re looking at us. Mirrors however can only show you how you come across to others aesthetically.

What about how you come across to others on a more personal and emotional level? There’s no mirror for that.

To find that out, we either need to ask for feedback, or spend time reflecting on how we might be coming across.

Of course, asking for feedback from everyone you meet on a daily basis is impossible, but what about those we spend most of our time with (family, close friends, lovers, co-workers)? Given we spend so much time together, it might be worth asking for some feedback.

On a personal level, I’ve been very focused on personal goals and have given very little time to others. I never considered how this may come across to others. Recently, through conversations with close friends, I realised that people probably think that I’m a selfish person, focused only on me.

I’ve now realised that this was having a negative impact on me longer term because relationships I valued were disappearing. Still a work in progress, but I’m now trying to find a better balance, giving more time and effort to my friends and family.

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