This perspective will help you navigate challenging goals

Maps are incredibly important.

Without them, we’d find it almost impossible to find our way from A to B. Even if we’re lucky enough to find our way to our destination, it would’ve been quicker and less painful with a map.

Unfortunately, maps don’t exist that help us get from where we are to where we want to go in life.

I wish there was a map that I could follow to a happy and fulfilled life, but there isn’t. That’s why patience is so important. Because there’s no sure fire way to get to where we want to go, we have to accept it won’t be quick. We also need to expect to get lost along the way!

If we expect it to happen ‘over night’, we’ll be disappointed. However, if instead we accept the fact there’s no map, we might enjoy the process a little more.

It might be better if we say to ourselves..

“I accept there’s no map for the path I’ve chosen. Therefore, I accept it could take a little longer than I’d like and I might get lost along the way”.

Perspective is EVERYTHING!

This photo was taken in front of Loch Etchechan in the Cairngorms, Scotland.

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