Want to achieve something great? Here’s what you need

Great teams achieve great things

Think of any of the worlds greatest achievements and consider if they were achieved by any one man or woman.

Flying to the moon – hundreds, if not thousands of people were involved to make that happen

Climbing Mount Everest – it takes a team of local guides to make this dream a reality, not to mention the medical teams, equipment manufacturers, etc

Worlds fasted 100m sprint – it took a team of coaches and nutritionists to make Usain Bolt the greatest of all time

I could go on and on ….

We need support

To achieve anything challenging, we need support. A network of good people around us, rooting for us, offering support when we need them most.

To get, you have to give.

This is something that I’ve let others down on. I’ve not offered a hand, or asked “how can I help?”.

If that’s my attitude, what should I expect of others? Nothing.

Who in your life could be done with your support right now?

This photo was taken whilst doing the White Mounth Munro’s in the Cairngorms, Scotland.

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