Hate photos? Here’s how I became less image conscious

Genuine Happiness

That’s what you’re seeing here, but it’s taken me over a decade to get to this place!

For years I smiled whilst being worried about what I’d ‘look’ like in the photo. My insecurity meant that although I wore a smile, I couldn’t be genuinely happy because I was worried about my image.

Being happy can only really happen when you let go of any worries and live in the moment. If we’re thinking about how we’re going to look in a photo, we’re thinking about the future, not the present.

Now, when I have thought of being image conscious, I think about how irrelevant image really is.

Companies spend billions making us feel like we’re ‘not enough’, so they can sell us their products that will make us feel like we’re ‘enough’ (until next time). Adverts make us want what we don’t, or can’t have. As such, we feel like we’re not enough (see Advertising Makes Us Unhappy by Harvard Business Review).

However, when we’re on our death bed, are people going to remember our ‘image’? Are they going to remember the branded clothing we wore, the car we drove, or the watch on our wrist?

Of course not! Our friends and family will remember how we were there for them when they needed us most and the great experiences we had together.

Now, I’m aware of being image conscious, and catch myself. I remind myself how irrelevant image is. I return to the moment, pull a wide smile and let go of my worries.

Have you managed to overcome being image conscious? Please comment below and share with the community.

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