Not all opinions are created equally. When to listen and when to ignore

Not all opinions are created equally

Opinions….sometimes we ask for them, and sometimes we don’t. In today’s social media world, opinions are EVERYWHERE! How do you know who to listen to and who to ignore?

I believe it’s important to understand that not all opinions are created equally. As such, not all opinions should be treated equally.

When you should and shouldn’t listen to your doctor?

As an example, if a doctor thinks you need some time off work because you’re stressed, it would probably be wise to listen.

However, if your doctor says you should start buying Bitcoin, you might be wise to check that with another source.

The doctor is qualified in the first example, but not the second.

Investing is risky. Is it though?

When I told my parents that I wanted to start investing in stocks and shares, they thought I should avoid them because “they’re RISKY”.

Fortunately, seeing that they were not qualified to give this opinion, I chose not to listen.

Instead, I sought out advice from those who were qualified in this area, all of which advised to do so.

In hindsight, the professionals were right, and over the long-term, it’s been a financial success.

Has the person giving the advice achieved what you’re trying to achieve?

When someone gives you their opinion, whether you ask for it or not, ask yourself if they’re qualified in that area before you take it.

How many people give relationship advice who themselves haven’t figured it out?

How many people give career advice who themselves hate their career?

What’s your opinion? Please comment below and share with the community.

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