Are your friends good for you?

I think there’s a stigma around leaving a friend group behind and moving to another. However, our friends change as we progress through life.

The kids I was friends with in my teens liked the same things I did. We played football and computer games.

Then, off to university and I stopped speaking to many of them. I didn’t do so because I didn’t like them, we just didn’t have much in common anymore.

My new friend group studied the same subject, liked the same night clubs and enjoyed partying.

Today, I have different friends again. Clubbing and the bar scene no longer resonate with me. Now, I’m interested in the outdoors, personal development, entrepreneurship, and my health.

Of course there’s a few friends who I’ve remained close with through all those phases, some for 25 years!

I don’t think anyone should feel like they can’t move away from one friend group to another. If we aren’t enjoying the ‘thing’ we have in common, it doesn’t make sense to do it.

You only have ONE life. My intuition tells me it’s probably best to spend that time doing things we enjoy, and if that means we need to make new friends, so be it.

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