Reading books will only take you so far, here’s why

If we were asked to prepare for our driving test by only reading books, our chances of passing would be zero!

We all know that to learn how to drive, we have to sit in the driving seat. We have to go through the pain of stalling at the lights, getting honked at for pulling out when we shouldn’t have and getting those dirty looks for going too slow.

If you’re like me, you also had to put up with your mum being a nervous wreck in the passenger seat. Not to mention the time I crashed my first car into my neighbours in the first week.

How can we expect to learn a skill just by reading about it?

Why is then that we expect to learn about so many other skills by simply reading about them?

Nobody learned how to play a guitar by reading about it.

Is it that we’re scared of failing? Reading maybe makes us feel like we’re making progress? Makes us feel like we’re doing something?

If it’s fear of failure, then you’ve got nothing to be scared of. Why? Because, you’re guaranteed to fail if you only ‘read about it’.

We have to have the courage to take action

There’s no way we’ll achieve our goals if we’re not prepare to get our hands dirty. Be prepared to fall over. It’s in the falling over that we get the lessons. You can’t get that from reading a book. We need to feel the pain of our mistakes for them to stick with us.

This isn’t something to fear, it’s something to cherish. We should be proud of ourselves for having the courage to accept that we might fail, BUT TAKE ACTION ANYWAY. Nothing great has ever been created without someone being brave enough to TAKE A LEAP!

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