I bought expensive clothes to cover my insecurities, then this happened

That’s what I thought when I was spending literally thousands on branded clothing.

A Hugo Boss overcoat, All Saints leather jacket, Jeffery West shoes, Nike Air trainers … I’ve had it all!

As someone who had their self-confidence destroyed as a teenager, I relied on expensive clothes to give me an extra lift. Being insecure and image conscious, I believed that women would find me more attractive if I wore expensive clothes.

Linking your worth to possessions is a damaging process

Looking back, I see a few issues with my purchasing habits:

This habit of buying expensive clothes may keep us in jobs we hate just so we can maintain the ‘lifestyle’.

Clearly the downside is far worse than the upside. Working in a job that sucks the life from us is terrible for our mental health! Is it really worth it just so we can maintain a lifestyle of buying expensive clothes? Would it not be better to do something we love, earn less money temporarily, and leave the branded clothing to others?

What happens when we’re not wearing those clothes?

We lose our jobs and can no longer afford those clothes. Are we now worthless? Are we no longer attractive to woman because we’re not wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt? If we link our worth to materialistic possessions, that’s what can happen.

We can’t afford the clothes so we use a credit card.

By doing so, we build on our existing debt, adding more stress to our already stressful lives. This was me! Fortunately, I no longer have a credit card, but boy did I make the most of it (in a bad way) when I had it. If we can’t afford it, we shouldn’t buy it!

We’re spending money on possessions.

Alternatively, this money could be spent on experiences. What will we remember when we’re 70? The Hugo Boss jacket or a trip to Machu Picchu? I don’t remember the clothes I bought in 2014, but I remember my trip across the USA! I know which story I’ll prefer to tell my kids.

I’m not there yet!

Thankfully, after years of personal development, I feel far more secure in myself. With this, I don’t tie my worth quite as much to possessions. I say ‘quite as much’ because I’m not there yet!

It would be great to get to a place mentally where I feel comfortable in any clothes.

That’s the next goal!

Do you buy branded clothing? If so, why? Is it because it’s better quality? Because they look better? Do you feel better? If it’s because you feel better, why is that?

What’s your opinion? Please comment below and share with the community.

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