If you’re depressed, trust me, it will get better

When we’re in our darkest days, we feel like they’ll never end.

Looking back at my toughest battle, fighting depression in 2015, I thought that it would never end.

Returning from work, I’d go straight to bed at five o’clock. Sleeping was my only escape from the mental noise!

I’d go out with friends who probably didn’t see a big change in me. I put on an ‘act’, but inside I was in so much pain. The suicidal thoughts crossed my mind, for there was no way I could LIVE LIKE THIS FOREVER!

I’ll never know what goes through the minds of others who choose to end their life, but I can imagine that’s one of them. People think that the dark days WILL NEVER END.

What I can say, from personal experience, is NOTHING STAYS THE SAME FOREVER!

That goes for good times as well as bad. We go through peaks and troughs. If your having a great time, make the most of it. However, if you’re going through a tough patch, IT WILL END.

Since my year of depression some great things have happened. I’ve travelled across the USA, met the woman I love, ran a 1/2 marathon, celebrated my mums 60th in NYC, been the best man for a childhood friend, amongst many other joyous occasions.

If you’re going through a tough time, trust me, IT WILL CHANGE. Stay strong, reach out for help and better days will be headed your way.

This photo was taken in the Cairngorms National Park while ascending Cairn a Mhaim.

If you’ve been through a similar experience, please comment below to show others that better days are ahead.

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