You can fail at what you hate, so fail doing something you love

“You can fail doing what you hate, so you might as well fail doing something you love.”

These are the words of Jim Carrey.

Graduating in 2014, I’ve only been working as a professional for 6 years. In that time, I’ve been through 3 reorganisations, where a number of employees have been made redundant.

I think the days of a safe career are largely over. Despite this, so many of us continue to work in jobs that we don’t enjoy. Most of us do so out of fear of failure.

There’s another project we’d like to pursue, but fear we’ll fall flat on our faces. As I’ve said before, fear is normal and failure is just part of the process.

It took me years to let go of my fears, allowing me to pursue my passions. If I wasn’t so concerned about the judgement of others, I’d have started a long time ago.

If there’s a business you think you’d love to start, but you’re scared of failing, start small.

We don’t need to leave our jobs to start the process. For example, we can keep working the 9-5 but start our business on the side (this is what I’m doing), working evenings and weekends.

We can fail doing what we hate, so we may as well fail doing what we love.

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