Impatience will kill my relationship and my dreams

My natural tendency of being impatient has given me some level of success in my life, but it’s now at a point where it’s preventing me from achieving lasting success.

My impatience caused me to ask for job promotions, enabling me to climb the corporate ladder.

Similarly, it spurred me to learn about investing, as opposed to patiently waiting for my retirement to come around.

However, that same impatience has ruined relationships, and will prevent me from creating a winning business.

I’m not nice to be around when I’m impatient

For anyone who’s been shopping with me, it’s not nice. It’s about as opposite as you can get from a calm and relaxing experience.

Go for walk, my impatience causes others to not enjoy their day. I’m so focused on getting to the peak, and then to the end point that I forget to take in the views.

I remember waking up in a bothy in the wilderness with my girlfriend, and I was rushing around to get back to the car. She asked what the rush was to get back to the flat. I didn’t have an answer. No part of me had a logical response, I was behaving out of habit.

Why would you want to rush away from the beauty of the Cairngorms to get back to a flat in the city? I was ruining my own morning, and hers, for what?

When it comes to building a brand, does that happen overnight? Very unlikely. It takes many months, if not years to build a successful brand. Impatience will lead me to become disillusioned with the rate of change, and give up.

What I do to help myself

Patience is an area I’m working on now. I’m at a point where I can catch myself when I feel impatient. When this happens, I stop and ask if I REALLY need to be in a rush. 9 times out of 10, the answer is no! I take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the moment.

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