As an ignorant, and insecure young man, I dismissed meditation as something that ‘hippies’ do. I viewed it as feminine, and didn’t even bother exploring the subject, until …

Until I had no choice.

In my mid-twenties, in the darkest days of depression, I was open to anything. All I wanted was some peace of mind.

I could no longer stand the voices in my head, they were driving me insane. I was mentally so fatigued that all I wanted to was sleep, ALL THE TIME!

Searching the internet for solutions, I came across #meditation At the time I had no idea what it involved, but I was open to learning more and trying it.

Turned out it wasn’t some magical witchcraft. All I had to do was sit, watch my thoughts, allow them to be, not fight them, and focus on my breathing now and again.

Within a few days of meditating, my mental woes started to dissipate.

Was mediation the one and only solution, no. My healing was made up of a number of things, but meditation gave me the mental peace to move forward.

If you were like me, and dismissed mediation, please consider it.

I personally use Headspace but there’s many other apps that will help you start your journey.

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