Santa and stories

I miss those Xmas day mornings where I’d find a pile of presents under the tree from Santa.

The thing about how I felt on those Xmas mornings was that it was tied to the story I told myself about Santa.

The magical mystery around the bearded old man added to the excitement on Xmas morning.

As soon as that mystery was ruined, there was no longer the same excitement.

This demonstrates that how we feel is very much tied to the stories we tell ourselves.

If we tell ourself a story that makes us feel like shit, we’ll feel like shit.

For example, when I went through my year of deep depression, I initially kept asking “why me”. With this, I felt like crap and didn’t take any action!!

I shortly after changed the story I told myself, and instead saw it as a sign that I needed to make some changes.

This flipped the responsibly back on me, and I then saw it as an opportunity to make positive changes. I felt much better, and with that, my life improved.

What stories are you telling yourself? Are they empowering you?

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