Mountains and the mind

When I’m in the wild, my mind goes quiet, stress dissipates and feel a beautiful sense of calm.


When I’m in the office, my mind is constantly having to work. Whether it’s the long hours, job uncertainty, heavy workload, tight deadlines or monotonous tasks!

Get home, and more problems to negotiate. Keep the house clean, plan the weeks meals, shop for food, manage money, deal with disagreements, and make time for family and friends

The mind never really gets a chance to SWITCH OFF!

Contrastingly, when we get out into the wild, we don’t need to worry about much. Keep an eye on the clock and the map, and if we’ve packed the right equipment, the majority of time we’ll be fine.

This allows the mind to relax and recover.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of research that has shown that being in nature reduces stress.

Even just a small walk in a local park can be helpful.

They say every cloud has a silver lining. It was during the first lockdown that I became inspired to get outdoors more. Then, when I started to feel the benefits, it became something that I sought whenever the weather allowed!

Here’s to many more outdoor adventures!!

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