Confidence is silent

Confidence is not the loudest person in the room. Nor is it the person with the biggest house, the flashiest car or he who can afford the most exotic of holiday.

Confidence is not the person with the most glamorous of Instagram feeds, the most friends or the most expensive outfit.

Confidence isn’t anything you can see or hear.

Confidence has no voice, it just is.

It’s a feeling, something internal.

Others cannot hear it, but they can feel it.

Confidence is the voice inside you that says:

I know who I am
I know who I am not, and that’s ok

I what I want
I know what I don’t want

I know I belong
I know where I don’t belong, and I’m ok with that

I don’t need compliments from others to be enough, I’m enough already
I know that by giving compliments, I’m not any less

Building confidence by being louder (in every sense) isn’t a long term solution.

Confidence can only be created by working on the internal! It’s the part of you nobody sees or hears.

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