The road less travelled

I’ve been on many a walk where I’ve got a choice, a choice of which path to take.

The safe choice.

The path I’ve walked many times. I know where it leads to, and I know how long it takes. It’s nice, and it’s stress free.

The risky option.

The path I’ve never been on before. I don’t know where it ends, and I don’t know how long it takes.

The risky option has on many occasion ended in an argument. “We’ve just wasted an hour on this trail, and it goes nowhere!” Frustrated, we make our way back to the safe choice. Nothing lost. Nothing gained.

Equally, it has surprised and delighted! “Wow, I’m so happy we took a chance! The views are incredible.”

In many ways, life is similar.

We can continue down the path we know. The safe path. We know the outcome, and we’re content with it.

Same job.
Same city.
Same hobbies.
Same friends.

Or, we can take a chance.

Take the path that might lead to nowhere, but equally make take us somewhere with incredible views!

Comment below and let me know which path you’re taken in life? 👇

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