I wish

I wish I’d travelled more in my early twenties, I’ll never get that time back.

The problem with wishing something was different is that it removes any accountability.

When we wish for something, we’re hoping that some magical force will turn our wishes into reality.

Instead, if we reframe the above wish to, “I didn’t travel in my early twenties, that would’ve been nice. Well, when’s better than yesterday? Today. I’ll do it now.”

When reframed like this, we’re taking accountability. We’re saying, it didn’t happen, but we’ll make it happen now.

Wishing is like comparing, which we all know generally makes us unhappy.

We’re comparing what we have, to what we’d like to have.

I hear “I wish” in my head quite often. Hopefully through continual reframe, that voice will quieten down through time.

Comment below 👇 What kind of things have you been wishing for? How can you reframe it?

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