Everything we desire is on the other side of fear

As I stood on the ledge of the cliff, I was shitting myself. Every negative thought imaginable was going through my head!

“You’re going to drown”
“You’re going to break your legs”
“You’re going to smash your body against the cliff on the way down”


Despite standing there, and reassuring myself that all these thoughts were irrational, they didn’t disappear!

It’s our bodies natural way of protecting ourself.

Fear is OK! It’s perfectly natural!

I then said “FUCK IT” and took the leap.

The next few seconds were incredible!

You can see the big smile on my face.

I then followed it up with several more leaps, and could’ve kept going all day! I loved it.

Acknowledge the fear.

Don’t try and make it disappear, just allow it and DO IT!

You won’t regret it.

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