Climbing the right mountain

In life, many of us are climbing mountains. Not, actual mountains, but challenging goals which when complete is analogous to having climbed a mountain.

But, are we climbing the right mountain or are we:

– climbing a mountain because someone said it’s the mountain everyone should climb

– climbing it because we want to tell everyone we climbed that mountain

– climbing it because everyone else is climbing it

Instead, ideally we do so because we know that that’s the mountain for us. Forget the crowds, and the voices, THATS THE MOUNTAIN FOR ME!

I’ve climbed mountains for all the wrong reasons, and now, at the age of 29, I’ve realised that before I bother making the effort to climb a mountain, I should probably check it’s the one I actually want to be on top of.

I climbed the mountain of a Mechanical Engineering degree. Why? I don’t know. Best I can say is that my mates did it.

I climbed the mountain of buying a house. Great, now I’ve got 35 year handcuff to show for it!

There’s one other thing I now consider before I embark on a new mountain. Forget the view at the top, that a single moment in time, what about the journey to the top? Will I enjoy that? Will it be enough to keep me moving when the going gets tough?

We have to enjoy the process as well as the outcome!

Comment below and let me know if you’ve climbed a mountain without first checking it was the mountain you wanted to climb?

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