When navigating, we use a compass to help us find our way.

In life, a compass is no use. Instead, we use our values.

Values being the things we deem to be important in life.

I know that when I suffer from anxiety the most, it’s when I make decisions that aren’t aligned with my values.

For example, I value my health and using my money for great experiences.

So, when I wake up the morning with a terrible hangover, and a wallet that’s £100 lighter, I’m pissed off!!

So how do we find our values??

There’s many ways to ‘skin a cat’, but this is how I’ve determined mine.

I picture myself attending my own funeral. Whilst standing there, I consider what I’d like people to remember me for.

“Someone who made the most of their life, fulfilling their potential and experiencing wondrous adventures”

“A man who was there for me when I needed it most”

“Somebody who I could trust and depend on”

Am I living a life in alignment with my values ALL the time?

No. I don’t do perfection. I just try my best, and try to be better than yesterday.

Do you have a compass or are you trying to navigate life unconsciously??

How do you find your values? Have they changed over the years?

Photo 📸 taken on the summit of Lochnagar in the Cairngorms National Park 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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