Impaired vision

That’s what we experience when we let our ego take hold of us!

We fail to see the bigger picture, lose sight of our values and what’s important to us.

When the ego tells us “we need to be better than ….”, we’re vulnerable.

It’s at this point we become unhappy and dissatisfied with our lives.

Here’s a personal story….

I value spending money on experiences over materialistic possessions.

However, I’ve seen myself driving along in my 2011 Honda Civic, and upon seeing someone I went to school with driving a flashy car, I experience tension and have a feeling of not wanting to be seen.

That’s my ego fucking with me!

Despite not valuing materialistic possessions, and understanding how damaging expensive cars are to our personal finance, the ego still has me feeling that way.

It’s important that we’re aware when our ego is fucking with us.

We can then make a conscious decision to listen or not listen to our ego.

If we’re not aware of when our ego is playing with us, we can make poor decisions that don’t align with our values, and end up unhappy.

For example, if I’d listened to my ego saying “you need a better car”, I’d end up pissed off because I’ve used money on something that gets me from A – Z that could’ve went towards an incredible experience that I’d remember for the rest of my life.

Here’s the other thing… the ego is never happy.

Within a few months, my ego would be telling me the same thing again!

Comment below if you’ve experienced your ego causing you to feel unhappy or anxious?

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