Being alone

Ever wondered what it’s like to hike and camp in the mountains alone?

This is me speaking after a sleepless night, having been driven from my planned and back-up camping spots by swarms of midges, eventually finding refuge in Hutchison Memorial bothy.

Sleeping alone in the bothy, my mind played tricks on me all night long. The passing wind would sway the creaky old door. Of course, my mind was convincing me there was danger lurking in the darkness.

The previous day was hellish.

Having reached the summit of Cairn Gorm, I descended into Loch Avon to pitch up.

I immediately knew that wasn’t going to happen. I was surrounded by black mist! Any and all exposed skin was quickly pounced upon, as the midges drew blood.

With sweat beading off my forehead, the sun beating down and the heavy bag on my shoulders, I thought it would be wise to head for higher ground.

With the higher altitude, there may be more wind to keep the midges at bay.

After another hour of walking, I had arrived at my destination, Loch Etchenchan.

Tired and frustrated, my tranquil trip was fast becoming a nightmare.

This site was no better than the last!

Faced with a choice, take the five hour walk back to the car in darkness, or keep walking to the nearest bothy.

In these moments of mental and physical fatigue, all I wanted was someone to share my pain with.

With no mobile signal, and nobody else in the mountains, I was alone with my emotions and thoughts!

It’s fucking tough…. but it does wonders for your self-confidence. When you overcome something tough, it gives you self-belief!

What’s your thoughts on putting yourself in difficult situations alone?

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