Ukulele, my saviour from bad habits

Personally, I have two ‘working from home’ habits that are particularly harmful.

It’s fair to say that my working day, although busy, isn’t always the most interesting.

At times I find myself losing focus and my mind can begin to wander.

This is my CUE.

A CUE is the trigger that tells our brain to go into automatic mode and which habit to use.

These habits are ROUTINES which can be physical, mental or emotional.

In my case, there are two ROUTINES that follow this CUE:

  • wander into the kitchen and snack even though I’m not hungry
  • mindlessly scroll through social media feeds

Finally there is a REWARD, which helps our brain figure out if the particular loop (CUE ➡️ ROUTINES ➡️ REWARD) is worth remembering for the future.

The food and social media provide me with a dopamine hit (making me feel pleasure), hence why these bad habits have been reinforced.

So, what have I done to try and change these habits?

I’ve purchased a Ukulele.

Playing an instrument is great for the mind, and, I want to be able to play something that I can take hiking to entertain the campsite with.

So, when I need that 10 minute break, I’ll pick up the ukulele and strum away!

What’s my REWARD? Like the food and social media, I’ll get a dopamine hit by seeing myself improve.

Have you got any bad habits you’ve replaced with good ones?

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