We need to be more primal and spend time outdoors

Most of us spend our time indoors (scary stat coming up). If we’re not working from home, it’s likely we’re in an office, a retail outlet or warehouse.

I learnt today that the average American spends 93% of their time indoors, and I’m sure the UK is a similar percentage.

  • No natural light
  • Most likely sedentary all day
  • Looking at computer screens
  • Lack of fresh air

We need to live a little more like our hunter gatherer ancestors. They spent the majority of their days walking in the wild. Together, they’d be hunting, foraging and gathering.

We lived like this for hundreds of thousands of years. THIS is what we’re genetically programmed to experience.

I’m not suggesting we need to become cave men and spend all our time in a forest living off the land.

I’m suggesting taking the useful aspects from the Hunter gatherer lifestyle and adopting them into our lives.

Specifically, I’m talking about going for long hikes, camp 🏕 out in the wild, sit round a camp fire 🔥 and watch the stars ✨ at night.

What are your thoughts on this?

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