Where men get together to talk about ‘man’ things

In the UK, the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 isn’t heart disease or cancer. No, it’s something far more preventable. Suicide

As someone who’s had suicidal thoughts, been through a period of deep depression, and lived for over a decade feeling insecure and self-conscious, I know how this feels.

As well as getting out into the wilderness, talking to my mates about what’s on my mind has been a huge help. That bit of extra help really helps ‘lighten the load‘.

In Campfire Chat I’ll be opening up about some things that have personally caused me anxiety and stress, and other things that are common to men. This helps us feel like we’re not the ‘only one’, and my hope is that we can open up in the comments and support one another.

Content coming in April 2021.