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Think the only way to burn those calories is in the gym? Here’s a more sustainable way

Think the only way to burn those calories is in the gym? Here’s a more sustainable way Unlike other forms of exercise, such as going to the gym, many hikers report that hiking does not feel like exercise or working out. One study (1) showed that hikers burned more calories than runner or walkers. It states, “For many walkers and

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Being alone

Ever wondered what it’s like to hike and camp in the mountains alone? This is me speaking after a sleepless night, having been driven from my planned and back-up camping spots by swarms of midges, eventually finding refuge in Hutchison Memorial bothy. Sleeping alone in the bothy, my mind played tricks on me all night long. The passing wind would

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Avoidable negativity

Visit any news website and you’ll be hit with a wave of negativity, driven by headlines designed to incite fear. Do you think we want to read positive or negative articles? These articles are there because that’s what we want to read!! We’ve evolved to react quickly to potential threats. Bad news could be a signal that we need to

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Impaired vision

That’s what we experience when we let our ego take hold of us! We fail to see the bigger picture, lose sight of our values and what’s important to us. When the ego tells us “we need to be better than ….”, we’re vulnerable. It’s at this point we become unhappy and dissatisfied with our lives. Here’s a personal story….

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When navigating, we use a compass to help us find our way. In life, a compass is no use. Instead, we use our values. Values being the things we deem to be important in life. I know that when I suffer from anxiety the most, it’s when I make decisions that aren’t aligned with my values. For example, I value

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Climbing the right mountain

In life, many of us are climbing mountains. Not, actual mountains, but challenging goals which when complete is analogous to having climbed a mountain. But, are we climbing the right mountain or are we: – climbing a mountain because someone said it’s the mountain everyone should climb – climbing it because we want to tell everyone we climbed that mountain

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