Let me introduce myself

Hey, I’m Grant.

As a (naive) young man, I believed life was about climbing the corporate ladder, buying materialistic bullshit, and going on a couple nice holidays a year.

If I achieved that, I’d be a success, and I’d feel great.

Fast forward to the age of 29, having ticked off many of the measures of conventional success, I felt empty and unfulfilled.

I thought…

There has to be more to life than this? I’m almost 30 and I don’t feel like I’ve LIVED LIFE. If I don’t make a change, I know I’ll have regrets. That’s my biggest fear, being old and not being able to do anything about it. It’s time to make a change.”

Leaving my comfort zone at the door

So, in 2020 I decided to live by a simple principle: STEP OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE

Living a life of comfort is easy, but it’s not all that exciting.

With one shot at this thing called life, I don’t want to leave anything on the table. I never want to hear myself say, “I wish I’d tried that”, “I wish I’d went to that place” or “I wish I hadn’t let fear stop me giving that a go”.

I’ve lived a sheltered existence, and with that, I have a lot of fears!

Fear of judgment has kept me playing it safe since I was a teenager, trying to be like everyone else.

Fear of something terrible happening if I travel abroad to off the beaten track places.

Irrational fears have stopped me going on solo adventures into the wilderness.

Fear of being poor has prevented me taking time out of work to travel and explore.

“Fear is good, it’s what keeps us alive. However, if not controlled, it can make us feel anything but alive.”

Starting the process with outdoor adventure

So, I had to start somewhere. I decided to reconnect with something I loved as a kid, exploring the outdoors! This is something I gave up for years because I feared judgement from others. Hiking just wasn’t cool, so I tried to fit in rather than stay true to myself.

On top of this, I was too introverted to meet up with people I didn’t know and let irrational fears prevent me going solo.

Something that makes me feel alive, fulfilled and at peace

The great thing about hiking and wild camping, you only need a few simple things to feel completely alive, fulfilled and at peace. Contrastingly, all that materialistic bullshit makes me feel stressed (thank you to the Minimalists for changing my life).

Now I’ve got a thirst for it, I want to see what the limits of my potential are. I want to step outside my comfort zone! As such, I’m going to be taking on progressively more challenging walks, with a goal of taking on some of the world’s toughest trails.

To achieve this, I’m beginning the process by going after the Summer Mountain Leader qualification. As I gain experience and knowledge, I’ll be sharing it in the Mountain Guide section of the blog, allowing others to enjoy the great outdoors safely.

Follow the journey

As good as a qualification is on paper, experience is what really counts when the tough gets going. Being a hiking newbie, I’ve got a lot of experience to gain! But, there’s never a better time to start than right now.

I’ll be documenting each and every hike here, posting a new one every two weeks. Initially, all these hikes will take place in the U.K.

Then, as I look to fulfil my principle, ‘STEP OUTSIDE MY COMFORT ZONE’, I’ll look beyond the shores of the U.K. I want to overcome my fears and hike some of the worlds most beautiful locations….no regrets!

Not only will I need to overcome my fears, I’ll face other issues like: funding these adventures, my career, my introverted nature, judgement from others, etc. I suppose there will always be a reason not to do something, and I need to look beyond these. As the saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

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